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Some toys are only suitable for certain age groups which is why we have split this category into subcategories for easier browsing. Available Age Groups from which to select from include: Baby, 1-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-11, and 12 and over.

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Fisher Price - Brilliant Basics - Baby's First Blocks

In Stock: Yes Age: 6 Months+

Ten bright blocks are ready for baby to drop into the open bucket or through the shape sorting lid. Filling the bucket with blocks, dumping them out, and starting over is great for eye-hand coordination and other early skills. Then baby can move on to sorting and stacking, learning about identifying and matching shapes while having fun.

Fisher Price - Brilliant Basics - Lights and Sounds Activity Table

In Stock: No Age: 9-36 Months

The Lights & Sounds Activity Table is loaded with fun for baby. Spin the large roller ball to hear a fun tune or sound effect. Lights dance from the colourful table top as the music plays. Baby can flip the pages of the flip book or slide the door back and forth to hear a silly sound. Spin the dial pond to hear a fun click!.

Fisher Price - Chatter Telephone

In Stock: No Age: 1 Year+

Preschoolers love to chat on the phone - and this roll-along pull toy with a friendly face, and eyes that move up and down when the toy is pulled along makes it even more fun. The Chatter Telephone aids in the development of speech, self expression and communication skills.

Fisher Price - Laugh and Learn - ABC Train

In Stock: No Age: 6 months+

All aboard for musical learning fun! The Fisher Price Laugh & Learn ABC Train features a light-up screen and fun songs to help baby learn letters, numbers, first words and more.

Fisher Price - Laugh and Learn - Sing With Me CD Player

In Stock: Yes Age: 6-36 Months

With light-up buttons, sing-along songs and classic nursery rhymes, baby will love the take-along fun of this CD Player. It includes three pretend CDs for put-and-take, drop-through play. The handle folds back so it's easy to drop the discs into the slot - then open the door for a tumble-out surprise! Includes 3 X "AA" batteries.

Fisher Price - Little People - Dump Truck

In Stock: No Age: 1-5 Years

Time to get busy hauling, rolling and building! The Fisher-Price® Little People® Dump Truck is carrying a payload of fun, play, sounds and music for hours of imaginative play! Children will fill up the truck bed with the two boulders or whatever suits their fancy, then roll along to the job site (a.k.a the family room). When it's time to "dump" the bed and unload, they'll activate a tune and realistic truck sounds! The Dump Truck includes Little People® character, Eddie™, plus two boulders for some heavy duty moving!

Fisher Price - Little People - Fun Sounds Farm

In Stock: Yes Age: 1 to 4 Years

This farm is abuzz with activity, just like the real thing. There's so much for a child discover and make happen. Little hands can make the barn doors open and close to the realistic sounds of "moo", "cluck", "neigh" and "baaa". A hay-baler delivers the hay to the top floor of the barn where a happy chicken sits on her nest. Farmer Eddie™ and your little one will be kept busy as they run the farm, build a corral, move the hay, open, close, push, turn and learn 8 new sing-along songs about daytime life on the farm!

Fisher Price - Little People - Spin 'n Fly Airplane

In Stock: No Age: 1 to 4 Years

Fasten your seatbelts for high-flyin' fun! Climb aboard with Michael™ the pilot, give the jet engine a spin (to make the beads rattle!) and you're on your way. Move the handle back and forth for fun clicking sounds, or press down on Michael in the pilot's seat to hear engine sounds, fun phrases and a song! With so many fun things to do, you're sure to enjoy your flight! Flip down the side door to let the pilot board. Handle makes for easy take-along. Pet carrier fits inside plane. Includes 2 X "AA" alkaline batteries, aeroplane, pilot Michael™ figure and pet carrier play piece.

Fisher Price - Little People - Stop 'n Surprise School Bus

In Stock: No Age: 1 to 4 Years

Flip open the stop sign on this school bus and … SURPRISE! Flashing lights, fun sounds and a special peek-a-boo guest named Freddie the Frog™! But that's not all. Press down on Eddie™ in the driver's seat for more lights, fun phrases, and a song! Riding to school (and stopping along the way) has never been so much fun! Side & back doors open and close. Includes 2 X "AA" batteries, school bus and driver Eddie™ figure.

Fisher Price - Little Superstars - Little Jam Band

In Stock: Yes Age: 6-36 Months

Get ready to rock! Baby will have a blast with the easy-to-grasp piano, guitar and trumpet. Press the piano keys for music and lights, roll the guitar strings for cool sounds, and enjoy squeaks and 'boings' with the trumpet.

Fisher Price - Magical Tea for Two

In Stock: No Age: 2 Years+

The Magical Tea for Two set gives little girls everything they need to play tea party with a fun "magical" feature! The tea pot in the set has clear sides, showcasing the tea - ready to be served! Tilt the pot to "pour" the tea...the tea "disappears!" Set the pot back down, and the tea refills - ready for the next serving! The set also includes service for two: two cups, two saucers, two spoons, two cookies and a decorative tray to display it all! Girls will love playing tea party over & over again with this magical feature!

Fisher Price - Pop 'N Push Elephant

In Stock: No Age: 1-3 Years

Get ready for irresistible, ball-poppin' fun with the Fisher-Price Pop 'n Push Elephant! As baby pushes this friendly elephant along, colourful balls "pop, pop, pop" out of the elephant's trunk, encouraging baby to walk.

Fisher Price - Toddlerz - Tappy The Turtle

In Stock: Yes Age: 18 Months+

Use the mallet to hit the shapes on Tappy's back and BOING! Tappy's head pops out of his shell! When toddlers discover they can make things happen, they'll "come out of their shell" (just like Tappy!) with a sense of accomplishment and a smile!

Flutterbye Deluxe Light-Up Rainbow Fairy

In Stock: No Age: 5 Years+

Flutterbye Fairies can really fly and now they even light up the sky! The magic is brighter than ever before with rainbow lights that shine as she soars. Just give your Flutterbye a gentle whirl to see rainbow lights and skirts that twirl! By pressing the button on her decorative base, she will magically lift off into fairy flight. Guide her movement as she floats just inches over the palm of your hand. If you raise your hand gently, she will fly higher. Lower your hand and she will follow your lead. Your Flutterbye Fairy's beautiful dress is surrounded by a colorful aura of rainbow light. Delight in her magical glow as she glides around your room! Only Flutterbye Fairies can bring the magical experience of real fairy flight to life!

FroBro ZeeBeez

In Stock: Yes Age: 6 Years+

Turn your FroBro™ ZeeBeez™ inside out, hold the head between your thumb and index finger, spin and drop it to the floor from waist height and watch the hair-spini' ZeeBeez jump back up for you to catch it.

Fun Stuff - Assorted Paint Brushes - 12 Pack

In Stock: Yes Age: 3 Year+

Make sure you have enough brushes around when your little artist next has the urge to paint their next masterpiece. Pack includes 12 assorted brushes and foam brushes - that's enough brushes to keep the whole family busy with creativity.

Fun Stuff - Assorted Paint Brushes - 15 Pack

In Stock: No Age: 3 Year+

Young artists will love this pack of 15 assorted paint brushes of various shapes and sizes. There's a paintbrush in this pack to suite just about any paint style from thick, to super thin brushes and even three brushes with foam tips for extra fun and creativity.

Fundex - Timber Tumble Game

In Stock: Yes Age: 8 Years+

Stack 48 solid wood pieces and then take turns removing each piece... just don't let the tower tumble of you lose! Sounds easy? Wait until you try!

FurReal Friends - Cuddles - My Giggly Monkey

In Stock: Yes Age: 4 Years+

Part of the Furreal Friends® range of cute and cuddly animal friends, Cuddles My Giggly Monkey™ features over 100 hilarious and adorable chimp-like responses to keep children entertained and amazed. Swing Cuddles by her feet to hear monkey laughter, rock her to sleep and feed her her favourite 'banana milk' to hear slurping sounds are just some of the responses you can expect. Tickle her tummy, brush her cheeks and show her how much you care during nappy changes and Cuddles My Giggly Monkey will respond with real monkey-like sound and movement! Cuddles My Giggly Monkey™ is the perfect monkey to have when the real thing is out of the question!

FurReal Friends - My Bouncin' Kitty

In Stock: Yes Age: 4 Years+

This sweet, soft kitty plush pet is so excited to play with you! When you pet your new little friend, she'll make happy, excited meowing sounds because she loves you so much! As you pet her back, her head will bob and she'll jump and spin like a real happy kitty. Your My Bouncin' Kitty toy will always be ready for fun, and she'll always be excited as can be when you come around!

FurReal Friends - My Bouncin' Pup

In Stock: Yes Age: 4 Years+

This sweet, soft puppy plush pet is so excited to play with you! When you pet your new little friend, she'll make happy, excited barking sounds because she loves you so much! As you pet her back, her head will bob and she'll jump and spin like a real happy puppy. Your My Bouncin' Pup toy will always be ready for fun, and she'll always be excited as can be when you come around!

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