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Boy oh boy, do we have a toy for your little one! Our boys toys will let kids view the stars, roll the dice, build a car, become a magician, and amaze friends and family with toys they’ll absolutely love!

We have a massive selection of boys toys that help kids learn while having fun with magnets, wood, music, electronics, science, physics, the environment and much, much more. This range includes everything from action figures, board games and model kits to dress-ups, musical instruments, and remote-control cars. And of course, our selection of boys toys are just as much fun for girls too so everyone is welcome!

All our toys are competitively priced (only $7.95 for delivery per order to all destinations across the country) and come with our famous quick delivery. You also have the option of picking up your purchase from our Derrimut warehouse after purchasing online.

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Blast Box

Was: AU$24.99 SAVE 60%
In Stock: No Age: 8 Years+

Blast Box™ is a tension filled strategic game with an explosive outcome that will make you jump out of your seat! You'll need daring, luck and a bit of skill to remain in the game!

Bolz Humming Spinning Top - 23cm

Was: AU$34.99 SAVE 9%
In Stock: Yes Age: 12 Months+

Large multi-coloured musical top. German classic all-metal, push-rod spinning top features a painted wooden handle and a colourful diamond pattern surface that produces colourful stripes when spinning. Spinning top hums at a varying pitch relative to the speed at which the top spins. A classic toy that will last and last.

Boxer the Kangaroo - 42cm

Was: AU$17.49 SAVE 17%
In Stock: Yes Age: 2 year+

Meet Boxer the Kangaroo. This 42cm Aussie icon is equipped with boxing gloves, fiery red shorts and a padded head guard. Boxer is very stereotypical of the Aussie spirit and ideal soft toy for the home or office. Boxer is cute, loveable and is sure to delight people of all ages.

Britz N Pieces - Alien Invasion - Obliterator

Was: AU$39.99 SAVE 38%
In Stock: Yes Age: 8 Years+

Blast your way out of trouble with 10 dart capacity and a Rapid Fire Rotating Barrel… The Aliens don't stand a chance against the Obliterator. Includes 10x Darts, 1x UFO, 1x Launcher, removable shoulder stock.

Bruder - CAT Wheel loader

Was: AU$37.99 SAVE 21%
In Stock: No Age: 3 years+

The handy, agile, versatile compact articulated wheel tractors are nowadays indispensable in construction, mining, agriculture and forestry. The CAT Wheel loader has a fully functioning loading arm with tilting and detachable front bucket. Made to 1:16 scale, the CAT Wheel Loader is made from high-quality plastics and features cabin windows made of transparent and high-quality polycarbonate.

Bruder - Garbage Bin Set

Was: AU$19.99 SAVE 25%
In Stock: No Age: 3 Years+

Add extra fun to your play with extra bins. The Bruder Garbage Bin Set consists of three small coloured bins and one large grey bin. Ideal for use with numerous Bruder Garbage Trucks and Lorries.

Bruder - JLG 2505 Telehandler

Was: AU$37.99 SAVE 21%
In Stock: Yes Age: 3 years+

The JLG 2505 Telehandler is a true all-rounder. Such is the versatility of the JLG 2505 Telehandler that its capable of moving large amounts of earth in a single motion while also having the ability to gently load goods onto palettes among many other tasks. The JLG 2505 Telehandler is a reliable and effective partner in any situation. Its small size and the greatly extendable telescopic arm are exactly what make it the number one choice for many different locations of use. The JLG 2505 is carefully controlled with four accentuated silver turning handles. Besides the adjustable arm height, the extendibility of the arm and alterability of the angle of the tool holder, the Telehandler has fully functional four-wheel steering. This makes steering both the JLG 2505 Telehandler loader and the BRUDER model so easy to use that it's child's play.

Bruder - Mack Granite Cement Mixer

Was: AU$119.99 SAVE 17%
In Stock: Yes Age: 4 Years+

The "incredibly" realistic driver's cabin with its opening and closing doors, opening and closing engine bonnet, the foldable rear-view mirrors, and the many add-on accessories and chrome look, make this Mack truck a true feast for the eyes.

Bruder - Manitou Telecopic Loader MLT 633

Was: AU$69.99 SAVE 29%
In Stock: Yes Age: 4 Years+

The Bruder Manitou Telehandler MLT 633 has a telescopic arm that can be extended and the height adjusted with the upper rotary knob. The angle of the bucket grabber can also be adjusted and it can be taken off with the rotary knob on the side. The motor bonnet can be opened and tread tyres complete the picture. To add to the fun, the telescopic loader can be equipped with the accessories set [art. no.: 02008] (not included).

Bruder - Scania R-Series Cement Mixer

Was: AU$109.99 SAVE 9%
In Stock: Yes Age: 4 years+

The Bruder SCANIA R-series is well known for its attention to detail and this cement mixer is one of the finest series additions.

Carrera RC - 1/12 Scale Buggy - Blue Scorpion

Was: AU$149.99 SAVE 13%
In Stock: Yes Age: 8 Years+

The Blue Scorpion is equipped with a 2.4 GHz control unit and 'digital proportional' steering. This technology facilitates all-round smooth steering and acceleration due to the interruption-free and frequency-independent 2.4 GHz technology. Optically and technically the 1:12 scale Blue Scorpion is in a class of its own. This speedster bears the hallmark look of the classic beach buggies. The Ready-to-Run concept includes a vehicle, control unit, lanyard, 2x "AA" batteries, a high power battery and turbocharger.

Chuggington - Calley's Fire and Rescue Cars

Was: AU$12.95 SAVE 39%
In Stock: Yes Age: 3 year+

Calley's Fire and Rescue Cars Diecast vehicles.

Chuggington - Hodge with Hopper Car

Was: AU$12.95 SAVE 31%
In Stock: Yes Age: 3 year+

Hodge with Hopper Car Diecast vehicles.

Chuggington - Irving

Was: AU$10.95 SAVE 27%
In Stock: Yes Age: 3 year+

Irving Diecast vehicle.

Chuggington - Irving's Rubbish Cars

Was: AU$12.95 SAVE 31%
In Stock: Yes Age: 3 year+

Irving's Rubbish Cars Diecast vehicles.

Chuggington - Olwin

Was: AU$10.95 SAVE 18%
In Stock: Yes Age: 3 year+

Olwin Die-cast vehicle. Suitable with all Chuggington Die-cast Sets.

Chuggington - Zephie

Was: AU$10.95 SAVE 27%
In Stock: Yes Age: 3 year+

Zephie Diecast vehicle.

Crayola - Marker Airbrush

Was: AU$29.99 SAVE 18%
In Stock: Yes Age: 6 Year+

With the Crayola Marker Airbrush you can use classic Crayola markers to create airbrush art like a pro! Create your own artful projects or use the included stencils to make signs, designs and much more! Try it with Crayola Bright Fabric Markers for Amazing T-Shirts or use Crayola Window Markers for festive decorations on glass!

Crayola - Outdoor Coloured Bubble Launcher

Was: AU$24.99 SAVE 28%
In Stock: Yes Age: 5 Years+

Step outside and connect your favourite Outdoor Coloured Bubbles colour to the Launcher. Then get ready for a rapid-fire, bubble blowing frenzy! But don't let the messy fun slow you down - colours magically rub off of skin and clean up easily from most surfaces. Load it up and crank 'em out for a brilliant bubble blast! Includes the hand-held Bubble Launcher and 2 bottles of Outdoor Colored Bubbles.

Crayola Neon Colour Explosion - Toy Story

Was: AU$13.99 SAVE 21%
In Stock: Yes Age: 5 Years+

Get ready for an explosion of the neon variety! Crayola® Neon Explosion Disney Toy Story lets kids create vivid, neon images on brightly coloured paper. Each page features unique, licensed images and content for an exceptional play experience.

Credz Collectable Coins - 2 Coin Foil Bag

Was: AU$3.29 SAVE 40%
In Stock: Yes Age: 5 - 12 Years

Credz™ are the ultra cool new collectible coins that kids can collect, trade, play and trick. These exclusive coins are made from real metal and feature fun themes such as Dragons, Sports, Dinosaurs and many more. There are over 60 coins to collect in Series 1, including the ultra rare treasure coin - only 1000 made!

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