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Mutant Monsters - Snarl, Fang and Sucka

Mutant Monsters - Snarl, Fang and Sucka
Mutant Monsters - Snarl, Fang and Sucka

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Hairy, scary and hideously ghastly, the brand new Mutant Monsters™ from Colorific are the coolest monster mates around! Introducing three gruesome characters to the Mutant Monster™ Mash: Snarl, Fang, and Sucka. Creating loads of mischief, they will have you evil laughing with delight.

Just add your secret crystal solution to your Mutant Monster™ and watch it grow into your spookiest work yet!

The ultimate toy for every little monster, Mutant Monsters™ will occupy and entertain as children watch their Monsters become covered in spooky coloured fur in just a few short hours!

So unsightly only a creator could love them, get ready to create the coolest, funniest, most wonderful monster mash in town!

CAUTION: Feed it if you dare!

Customers: Please enter your monster preference by entering "Snarl", "Fang" or "Sucka" in the 'Select Styles' field below). Please note: If a particular monster is important to you, please confirm availability prior to placing your order. If no selection is entered, Mutant Monster™ packs will be selected by our staff at random. Price shown is a per pack unit price.

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