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  • Air Time - Beach Ball 50cm - Traditional
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    Air Time - Beach Ball 50cm - Traditional (3 Years+)
    • $2.99

    AirTime - Beach Ball 50cm (Traditional) - the classic inflatable beach ball is a fun pool toy for kids!

    What is the pool or beach without the classic inflatable beach ball?! It is a must-have addition to any pool party or beach bash! This 50cm inflatable beach ball comes in a traditional panel design (blue, red, yellow & white colouring) and made of heavy duty vinyl.

    Suitable for children 3 Years and over.

  • Score: 5.00 (votes: 2)
    Barrel Of Monkeys (3 Years+)
    • $5.99

    Barrel of Monkeys will have you hooked! Create a chain of monkeys... hook together 12 to win! A game for 1 or more players.

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    Balloon Water Bombs - 100 Piece Pack (3 Years+)
    • $2.99
    This pack of 100 colourful water bombs is terrific fun on a hot summers day! Kids can play as a team, one on one, or simply go crazy and have a bomb party where everyone is a target! It's an old favourite the whole family can enjoy! Bombs away!
  • Glow Zone Starlight Zone Sticker Pack
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    Glow Zone Stars (3 Years+)
    • $5.99

    Create a realistic night sky in your own bedroom. Included are 115 small stars, 99 medium stars and 42 large stars. That's over 250 glow-in-the-dark stars to fill your ceiling for a great nights sleep under the stars. Helps reduce the fear of darkness too! Glow Zone stickers glow in the dark for up to 30 minutes every time and will not remove paint from most surfaces.

  • Slime Baff
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    Slime Baff (3 Years+)
    • $7.99

    Turn bath water into gooey slime with Slime Baff and see how bath time becomes fun time in a matter of minutes! Children will be amazed as they watch their regular bath water magically transform into gooey slime before their eyes. Nothing can beat the fun and experience! Available in 3 gooey colours; Gooey Blue, Gunky Green and Oozy Red.

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    Water Pistol - Twin Nozzle (4 Years+)
    • $2.79

    This 20cm Water Gun will stream water out of two nozzles at the same time! Drench your enemies twice as quick! Water is stores inside the yellow water tank and inside the gun itself for greater water capacity. Great fun on those hot summer days.

  • Score: 5.00 (votes: 9)
    Bruder - Garbage Bin Set (3 Years+)
    • $19.99

    Add extra fun to your play with extra bins. The Bruder Garbage Bin Set consists of three small coloured bins and one large grey bin. Ideal for use with numerous Bruder Garbage Trucks and Lorries.

  • Score: 4.57 (votes: 7)
    Spirograph Deluxe (8 Years+)
    • $39.99

    Since it was introduced in 1965, Spirograph® has made it possible for aspiring artists of all ages to create beautifully intricate designs. Originally developed as a drafting tool by a mechanical engineer named Denys Fisher, the distinctive wheels and rings of Spirograph® cleverly combine the principles of art and mathematics in a way that has inspired and delighted generations.

  • Score: 5.00 (votes: 6)
    Zoingo Boingo Pogo (5 Years+)
    • $34.99

    Zoingo Boingo is like a pogo stick on a ball. Children will love bouncing around, doing spinning tricks while in the air, changing direction, speed and many other manoeuvres.

  • Barrel O Slime
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    Barrel O Slime (5 Years+)
    • $1.50

    Available in four glorious colours, the Barrel-O-Slime is an oozy, slimy liquid that feels gross and really cool at the same time. This non-toxic goo is also great as a stocking filler or as a party favour. Available in black, green, pink and blue.

  • Score: 5.00 (votes: 4)
    Wahu - Beach Cricket Set (5 Years+)
    • $44.99

    Get your family and friends together for some exciting beach cricket to remember. This Wahu Beach Cricket set is perfect for younger children getting to know the game. Made of rugged plastic, swinging the bat is easy, lightweight and safe. The set includes a bat with rubber grip handle, 3 stumps, a base that can be filled with water (perfect on windy days), a rubber cricket ball and handy carry bag. So whether you're having a cricket match at the beach, or the humble back yard, cricket can now be enjoyed and played by the whole family (and friends too). Highly recommended.

  • Loopin' Louie
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    Loopin' Louie (4 Years+)
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    • $24.99
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    Can you keep your chickens safe from Louie and his crazy loop-the-looping airoplane? It's swooping, looping, chicken-chasing fun!

  • Score: 2.80 (votes: 5)
    Genuine Rubik's Cube 3X3 (8 Years+)
    • $24.99

    Put your problem solving skills to the test with this ultimate brainteaser. This newly released Rubik's Cube has all the features of the classic 3D combination puzzle plus new turning mechanisms and tiles for a smoother, faster and tougher playing experience.