The Best Arts and Crafts Toys to Buy Now From Online Toys

The Best Arts and Crafts Toys to Buy Now From Online Toys

The Best Arts and Crafts Toys to Buy Now From Online Toys

Keeping kids engaged at home has never been more important, and purchasing arts and crafts from online toy stores is the best way to start. Not only do at-home arts and crafts keep your kids busy, they’re a great way to develop important motor skills. Plus, you may even want to take part too. Forget wasting time deciding which toys to buy, here are the top picks to keep your kids engaged at home.

The best online craft toys for toddlers and young kids

Play-Doh has had a makeover since you were a kid, and now offers everything from pre-made slime in a jar to Marvel-inspired Play-Doh Can Heads. If your little one is a huge My Little Pony fan, Play-Doh has even created a salon-style My Little Pony Toy so your kids can add luscious locks and a crazy coloured coat to their pony.

If your children are very young, keep it simple with coloured Play-Doh or Play-Doh Slime sets. They're fun, safe and don’t make a mess around the house. Giving children construction goals with Play-Doh is a great addition to their existing learning too. Why not get your kids to make a pyramid if they’re learning about Egypt?

At-home painting toys to buy online now

Painting projects don’t have to be a messy nightmare for parents thanks to cleverly designed arts and crafts products. Water colours, chalkboards, white boards and classic water colouring books help keep your kids engaged at home.

The most popular arts and crafts painting toys include all-in-one storage to stop arts projects taking over your house. Some great toys offer an easel to make painting easier, plus in-built storage for watercolour paints, chalks and tools. The design of these toys makes pack-up time easier. Plus, it means these painting toys are portable for around the house or on playdates.

Arts and crafts toys to buy online for older kids

Building and assembling projects are fantastic ways to boost hand control and fine motor skills in children. By conceptualising a project and putting the pieces together, your child can learn and boost their brain development while having a great time. National Geographic has released fantastic online toys under the Da Vinci’s Invention banner. From a catapult to a bombard, your kids will love the chance to create a model with the ability to launch things across the table.

If ornamental creations suit your child more, choose projects like Kidz Maker’s Dream Catcher Set. This project involves weaving, looping threads and decorating, teaching incredible fine motor skills, leaving your child with a useful and gorgeous looking ornament for their bedroom. If they get nightmares, teaching them about the history of dream catchers from North America may be extra motivation for them to finish the project. They may even sleep better!

Buying toys online has never been easier, which includes arts and crafts toys which are a great way to keep kids engaged at home. Choose the best toys for your kids' age and interests and they’ll love the chance to create a masterpiece.

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