Broom broom, the Sylvanian Families are on the move! Create fantastic fun with the range of Sylvanian Families cars and vehicles! Take your families out for a night on the town, or take them to the shops or the beach! The Sylvanian Families cars and Sylvanian Families Caravan can fit up seven individual characters! Perfect for those long drives and camping adventures! The Seaside Cruiser is also a handy addition to the collection as it boasts both home and vehicle features! 

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    Sylvanian Families - Ride Along Tram SF6007 (3 Years+)
    • $39.99

    The Sylvanian families and friends are on the move with the Sylvanian  Families Ride Along Tram! This elegant red and gold tram is beautifully  detailed and has wheels and doors that work! Children will love  transporting their Sylvanian Families all about town in this stylish  Ride Along Tram.

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    Sylvanian Families - Bluebell Seven Seater SF4699 (3 Years+)
    • $49.99

    Take a drive in the Sylvanian Families Bluebell Seven Seater! The car is large enough for all the members of a family and the doors open and close for easy access. Set up the roof rack and picnic set (sold separately) and enjoy a fun day out! Figures not included.

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    Sylvanian Families - Seaside Cruiser House Boat SF5206 (3 Years+)
    • $109.99

    This beautiful blue boat doubles as a floating house, and has a pool and waterslide to keep the babies entertained. A must-have for the adventurous Sylvanian, this boat is kitted out with all sorts of furniture and accessories including two beds, a kitchen, and a dining space. Compact but practical, the beds magically transform into a shower booth! This set includes a mini boat to help your Sylvanians get to shore without getting their paws wet, as well as their very own secluded island to visit! The side of the boat folds down to create more space, and you can slide right into the ocean! Includes Freya Chocolate Rabbit dressed for ocean adventures!

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    Sylvanian Families - Nursery Double Decker Bus SF5101 (3 Years+)
    • $34.99

    Sylvanian children love to ride on the Nursery Double Decker Bus and Huckleberry Hamilton loves to drive the children all over town. This adorable, yellow coloured double-decker bus can hold up to 13 babies and features a slide for children to play. And it's a fine looking bus too, with pretty decals and an open top for 360 degree views! Let just hope it doesn't rain...

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    Sylvanian Families - Babies Ride and Play SF5040 (4 Years+)
    • $24.90

    Mother rabbit takes babies to ride around a park in their new push car and tricycle! Includes mother rabbit, baby rabbit and squirrel, tricycle with basket & rotating wheels, car with rotating steering wheel & tyres, 2 attachable push handles, watering can and shovel.

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    Sylvanian Families - Canoe Set SF5047 (4 Years+)
    • $12.99

    The Canoe Set has room for two and includes two life jackets. The life jackets are the perfect size for children and once inside the canoe they can sit next to or facing each other. Have even more fun playing by connecting with the Swan Boat Set. Figures not included. Does not float on actual water.

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    Sylvanian Families - Chocolate Rabbit Twins Set SF5018 (4 Years+)
    • $19.90

    Kabe and Breeze Chocolate Rabbit twins love riding in their carriage. The carriage is large so the twins can ride together. They enjoy it when their mother takes them outside for a walk!

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    Sylvanian Families - Red Family Car SF4611 (4 Years+)
    • $44.90

    There's enough room for a family of four and there's even a baby seat. Includes pull out picnic food and drinks plus back of seat trays and a baby car seat. The car can be parked on the garden section of Beechwood Hall (sold separately). Figures not included.

  • Sylvanian Families - Ice Cream Van SF4791
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    Sylvanian Families - Ice Cream Van SF4791 (4 Years+)
    • $39.90

    The Beaufort family make the ice cream for all of Sylvania. Uncle and Auntie Vincent and Violet own the Ice Cream Van. It has lots of accessories including ice cream scoops, cones and spoons. Choose your favourite ice cream flavour and use the special dispenser to serve! Figures not included. Does not contain real ice cream.

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    Sylvanian Families - The Caravan SF5045 (4 Years+)
    • $89.90

    The Sylvanian Caravan has everything needed for staying away from home. Open up the roof and side to reveal a very well equipped kitchen area with sink, stove, drawers, cupboards and even a fold-out ironing board. There's a seating area which converts into a double bed and coffee table. There are 2 further fold-out bunks on board. Towards the rear there's a shower room with fold-down loo and a wash-hand basin. Comes with over 30 accessories. The Caravan is designed to be towed by any Family Car (sold separately).

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