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Sylvanian Families - Father at Home Set SF4878

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In Stock: Yes Age: 4 years+

Victor Tailbury is very keen on doing crosswords and planning what he's going to do next in the garden. He likes nothing better than to sit on the sofa with a crossword puzzle or to study the lovely ideas shown in his gardening magazines.

Sylvanian Families - 3 Piece Suite SF4464

In Stock: Yes Age: 4 Years+

Living room suite of two-seater couch, two single couches, table and flowers. Includes: 1 two-seater couch, 2 single seater couches, 1 table, 1 flower, 2 cushions.

Sylvanian Families - Bath & Shower Set SF5022

In Stock: Yes Age: 3 Years+

This stylish bath features an antique-style bathtub and gold-coloured shower. It comes not only with shampoo and conditioner but also with toys, a bathroom basket, towel skirt and children's headband. A bath like this makes bath time fun.

Sylvanian Families - Beechwood Hall SF4531

In Stock: No Age: 4 Years+

Beechwood Hall is a wonderful home with working lights that are interchangeable and each can be turned on and off. It has 2 floors and opens up to give access to all 5 rooms. There's a landing that can be added to the first floor and a large play area for the ground floor which can be turned over to create a green/garden area. Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included). Figures & furniture not included.

Sylvanian Families - Cedar Terrace SF4755

In Stock: Yes Age: 4 years+

Cedar Terrace has three wonderful floors for lots of furniture. The top floor has a large round window and a small balcony to look out of. The other two floors have plenty of room for furniture and families. The floor piece of the top floor can be removed, and is reversible with a green grass effect on one side so it can be used as a garden. Figures and accessories not included.

Sylvanian Families - Cosy Cottage - Starter Home SF5093

In Stock: No Age: 3 Years+

The Cosy Cottage is the ideal starter home for your Sylvanian Families. The first floor of the cottage can be removed to extend to the ground floor which can be filled with furniture to create a cosy home. Set includes Freya Chocolate Rabbit, a bed, table and chairs, oven , sink and accessories.

Sylvanian Families - Country Bathroom Set SF5034

In Stock: Yes Age: 4 Years+

Country Bathroom set includes a free-standing bath tub, shower, toilet and two sinks. The detailed accessories include bath toys, cleaning bottles and brushes, a bath tidy, bath mats, mugs and toothbrushes.

Sylvanian Families - Deluxe Living Room Set SF5037

In Stock: Yes Age: 4 Years+

Deluxe Living Room Set is a relaxed and cosy setting with over 35 detailed pieces including a glowing fireplace with extra logs, a comfortable sofa and armchair, a rack with newspapers and magazines plus a coffee table, telephone and clock. Figures not included.

Sylvanian Families - Deluxe TV Set SF4264

In Stock: Yes Age: 4 Years+

This stylish TV Set and cabinet, includes four TV scenes and light-up TV screen.

Sylvanian Families - Family Table and Chairs Set SF4506

In Stock: Yes Age: 4 years+

Perfect family breakfast table for Sylvanian Familes. Includes a baby seat which attaches to the table.

Sylvanian Families - Field View Mill

In Stock: Yes Age: 3 Years+

Have hours and hours of fun with this delightful Sylvanian Families wind mill. The Field View Mill is a well-known landmark in Sylvania where there are 3 floors of living space, including an opening and closing conservatory for budding astronomers! The ground floor features a spacious area for a kitchen and an adjacent room that can be used family bathroom, a dinning room, spare bedroom or even a laundry. Climb up the ladder to the 1st floor to find yest another room that you could convert into a master bedroom, a living room or playroom. There's even a circular balcony that wraps around the Field View Mill for relaxing views of the surrounding countryside. You'll find another room on the 2nd level that you could use as a nursery but the conservatory on the top floor with it's fantastic views of Sylvania, and a winch to raise and lower a basket-full of goodies is where everyone wants to be.

Sylvanian Families - Girl's Dressing Table SF5031

In Stock: Yes Age: 4 years+

This is a lovely dresser for girls, with many accessories for dressing up, such as cosmetics, earrings and a hair dryer. Figure not included.

Sylvanian Families - Grand Hotel SF4700

In Stock: No Age: 4 Years+

A stay at the Sylvanian Grand Hotel is an experience all Sylvanians will love. It's the perfect setting for celebrations, receptions and ideal for visiting friends and family. The hotel is a three storey building with stained glass windows and a beautiful chandelier. It can be opened to reveal 9 rooms with a roof terrace above the main section of the building. Guests can dine in the luxury dining room, dance the night away in the ballroom and relax in one of the beautiful rooms. There's a balcony off the ballroom over the entrance porch. Includes a working chandelier light (battery already fitted), further chandeliers can be purchased to fit other rooms. Also includes hotel reception desk with bell, room keys & pigeon holes, suitcase trolley; 4 shrub bushes and window boxes. Luxury furniture sets and figures sold separately.

Sylvanian Families - Home Interiors Set SF4268

In Stock: Yes Age: 4 Years+

This additional light can be added to Willow Hall, The Wedding Chapel, Willow Hall Conservatory & the Primrose Baby Windmill. Also includes a pair of pretty yellow patterned curtains & net curtain to create that cosy atmosphere in all the Sylvanian homes.

Sylvanian Families - Log Cabin SF4370

In Stock: No Age: 4 Years+

The Log Cabin is the Sylvanians' favourite holiday hideaway. Tucked away in the woods is a special place for holidays with friends and family in summer sun or winter snow. The cabin is packed with lovely features; hammocks to sleep in, a sun deck for lounging and a hot tub for relaxing! Figures, furniture and accessories not included.

Sylvanian Families - Luxury Living Room Set SF4704

In Stock: Yes Age: 4 Years+

The Luxury Living Room Set includes a battery operated red glow fireplace, a velvet armchair and settee, grandfather clock and a variety of accessories to make a living room something special.

Sylvanian Families - Mother at Home Set SF4866

In Stock: No Age: 4 years+

Purdy Tailbury has a large new fridge/freezer with lots of room for all her family's needs. There's space to store bottles, dairy products, ice-cream and a drawer to keep vegetables fresh. It even has a container for ice cubes in the freezer.

Sylvanian Families - Party Set SF4269

In Stock: Yes Age: 4 years+

It's a celebration at the Sylvanian Families household and the party is set to start! Come in and have fun eating party food while you mingle with friends and enjoy the party atmosphere! A great party set for birthdays, Christmas and anniversary parties with table, chairs, party food and decorations. Figures not included.

Suitable from 3 yrs+

Sylvanian Families - Semi-Double Bed SF5019

In Stock: Yes Age: 4 Years+

This is a large bed on which mother and baby or two children can sleep. A lamp stand, clock, canister and other items can be placed on the side table. The bed allows two to sleep together very comfortably.

Sylvanian Families - Toilet Set SF5020

In Stock: Yes Age: 4 Years+

No Sylvanian home can ever be complete without a toilet. This set includes a wooden toilet and features a flower painting. The partition where the paper holder and towel hanger can be attached is very convenient for separating the toilet from the bathroom. Create a refreshing toilet space by decorating the rack with flowers and potpourri. Figures not included.

Sylvanian Families - Treehouse SF4618

In Stock: No Age: 4 Years+

The Tree House is a fabulous place for the children to play, with a wonderful slide, tree swing and basket to pull things to the top of the tree house. The cubby house and slide can be moved and placed in different places. You can also connect the tree house to the log cabin with either the slide or ladder. Figures and accessories not included.

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