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Mighty Beanz - Flip Track

Mighty Beanz - Flip Track
Mighty Beanz - Flip Track

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Brand Moose Toys
Batteries Incl. No
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Rec. Age 5 years+
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Sounds/Music No


Use the Mighty Beanz™ Flip Track™ in 3 ways: See-Saw, Speed Bump and Stunt Jump. Fold and snap your Flip Track™ in half and attach it to your belt using the belt clip and you're good to go! Challenge your friends and see who is the best trickster.

Mighty Beanz™ (sold separately) are now on the scene! They have a wacky unpredictable movement - different from that of the classic Mighty Beanz. Race you Mighty Beanz™ at high speed down any tilted surface and watch as they perform amazing tricks and flips! Play lots of Mighty Beanz™ games or swap and trade your Mighty beanz™ until you have collected all 100+ Mighty Beanz™!

New to the Mighty Beanz™ range are the Mega Mighty Beanz™. A little shorter, and a little rounder than the original beanz, these Mega Beanz are mega fun! They have a wacky unpredictable movement - different from that of the classic Mighty Beanz. Watch them move down the flip track (sold separately) or on your own obstacle course!

Visit the Mighty Beanz™ web site here.

Suitable for ages 5+.

Includes 1 Flip Track™, 1 Special Mighty Bean, 1 Trick Piece, 1 trick Booklet.

Not to be swallowed. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.


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