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Ordering Toy Gifts

Online Toys Australia have your gift-giving needs all wrapped up!

Surprise them with a toy gift from Online Toys Australia

Sending toy gifts to family and friends within Australia has never been easier when shopping online with Online Toys Australia. Our online store has the whole process of gift-giving covered from start to finish. But be warned, with so many toys on offer throughout our store, choosing the right one is sometimes the hardest part of all. However, once a toy is chosen, you'll be pleasantly surprised just how easy and simple the rest of the process is.

Here is a quick overview:

  • Browse our store for the toy you like.
  • When you've found the right toy you wish to buy, click the "Buy" button closest to the product thumbnail to bring up the options window.
  • If you are on the product itself, you'll see all the product options that are available for that product.
  • Now choose the options you would like to purchase by clicking on the appropriate field (gift-wrapping, gift tag, batteries etc..
  • If you choose a gift tag, make sure to enter the recipients' name and your name (messages are not allowed due space limitations on the gift tag).
  • When you are done, simply click the "Add to Cart" button and a Mini Cart will pop-up to confirm your selection.
  • At this point you can choose whether you want to continue shopping or proceed to the checkout.
  • When you are ready, proceed to the checkout to finalise your order.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I'm ordering a gift from overseas. Do you accept international orders?

Yes, we do. However, orders can only be shipped within Australia.

How much does gift-wrapping cost?

Our gift-wrapping service is affordable priced and starts at AU$2.50 per item wrapped.

The currency of my AMEX/MasterCard/VISA credit card is not Australian. Is this ok?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, it doesn't matter where your credit card is issued at all because your bank, together with our bank, will work out the currency exchange rates for you. This means that our store will receive payment in Australian Dollars while your credit card is billed in your native currency.

I can't seem to find a way to add a message to the gift tag I've chosen. Why?

Sorry, but there simply is not enough room on a gift tag for a message to be added. Only your name and the names of your recipients are allowed.

How long will my order take to despatch and then arrive at its destination?

We usually despatch orders within 24 hours (same day if the order is placed, and fully paid for, before 10:00am). However, delivery times vary depending on the geographical destination of your order. The Christmas period, including the two months that lead up to it, are extremely busy so some delays are to be expected. Please refer to Shipping and Deliveries page for further information.

The wrong wrapping paper and/or gift tag was used for my order! Why?

On very rare occasions our staff are required to select an alternative tags or wrapping paper when the selected gift-tag/wrapping paper is found to be out of stock. It's often difficult to judge, for example, how many toys a 200m paper roll will cover, so in an effort to prevent possible delays in the despatch of your order, our staff are trained to choose a similar alternative. We apologise if this policy has affected any customers in a negative way, however, we always try to do what is right for the majority of our customers. However, the chances of this issue ever happening twice, to the same customer, are extremely remote.

The web site won't let me choose the wrapping paper option. Am I doing something wrong?

Sometimes a toy is so big or so awkward to gift-wrap that we have deliberately disabled the gift-wrapping option. It's not you, it's us.


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