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At Online Toys Australia, we love to reward our loyal customers in any way we can. Our favourite way of doing so is through our Customer Reward Points program. Our lovely customers are awarded reward points each time they shop online at our toy store. Reward points can then applied toward future orders, allowing our customers to save money each time they shop for toys at Online Toys Australia!

How does it all work? Simple! Each dollar spent at our online toy store equates to 10 Customer Rewards points earned. (Note, customers will need to login to their account before placing an order to earn reward points).  

So how much is 10 customer reward points worth exactly? Our website calculates points using the following formula 250:1. Essentially, 250 points will earn you $1 off your total spend on your next purchase with us! You can also opt to use your points at any time, so you can save more!

There are also other ways to earn Customer Rewards Points! Occasionally Online Toys Australia offer promotions that allow customers to earn Rewards Points for writing testimonials, product reviews or by entering our competitions. So please remember to visit our store regularly as these promotions are not always advertised on social media or through email marketing!

Summary of Rules:

  • Customer Reward Points are not transferable.
  • Customer Reward Points cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Customer Reward Points can be redeemed only while shopping with Online Toys Australia.
  • Customer Reward Points are applied to the purchase price, excluding shipping costs.
  • Some heavily reduced or clearance lines may be excluded from the Customer Rewards Program.
  • Customer Reward Points are automatically credited upon full payment of order.
  • Customer Reward Points not redeemed with 36 months of issue will be forfeited.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Simple! Just create an account and user password before finalising your purchase with us. In turn, any Customer Rewards Points generated can then be applied to your next order. However, by not creating an account or not logging into your account at the time of purchase, any Customer Rewards Points earned would automatically be forfeited. Unfortunately, we cannot add these points back into your account.

Easy. Just make sure that you log in to your account before submitting your order, and our website will automatically redeem your points for you. Alternatively, you can allocate as many or as little of your reward points to your order. This option is under the 'Redeem your reward points' section in the check-out.

Please remember to log into your account before placing an order. If you were logged in, your Customer Reward Points would automatically have been redeemed for you. Unfortunately, if you weren't logged in at the time, any new Customer Reward points are now forfeited. You'll continue to accumulate reward points with every order made, just remember to log in before placing your order for these points to be allocated to your account.

Unfortunately, Customer Reward Points are non-transferable regardless of the circumstances. Please ensure to use only one account at all times to maximise all the benefits our Customer Reward System has to offer.

Usually, and the most likely reason for the disappearance of Customer Reward Points is that they may have expired. Three years (36 months) is the limit in which points must be used. Otherwise, they automatically expire. However, if you feel that your Reward Points have disappeared for a different reason, please contact our store, and we will investigate the matter for you.

Please note: Shipping charges are excluded from reward points calculations.

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