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The Wiggles are children's entertainers that have rewritten the book about how children can be entertained with song and dance. Online Toys Australia is proud to offer some of The Wiggles toys below for your child's entertainment

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The Wiggles - Connectable Face Crayons

Was: AU$6.99 SAVE 29%
In Stock: Yes Age: 3 Years+

Create exciting wiggly designs anywhere on your body using these connectable, screw-in face crayons. These Wiggles coloured face crayons are non-toxic and can be easily removed from skin using warm soapy water.

The Wiggles - Glow in the Dark Mobile

Was: AU$9.99 SAVE 30%
In Stock: Yes Age: 3 Years+

Watch four of your favourite Wiggles characters glow in the dark while suspended from the ceiling on a moving/rotating mobile. Just switch off the lights and watch 'em glow!

Hopper Ball - The Wiggles

In Stock: Yes Age: 4 Years+

Children can have the ultimate bouncing fun - and lots of exercise too - as they hop around on their favourite Wiggles Hopper Ball. The ball can be deflated for easy storage, contains no latex, and can be played indoors and out! Great for building co-ordination skills and is ideal for both girls and boys. Highly recommended (especially for Wiggles fans)!

The Wiggles - 3-Piece Cutlery Set

In Stock: Yes Age: 1 Year+

The Wiggles 3-Piece Cutlery Set includes a stainless steel for, spoon and knife to bring a little joy to Wiggles fans at meal time. Suitable for ages 12 months+.

The Wiggles - Bump N' Go Big Red Car

In Stock: No Age: 3 Years+

The Wiggles are going on a journey around town inside their Bump N' Go Big Red Car! This delightful little car drives and bumps its way through 'traffic', and all sorts of obstacles, without stopping! Listen to the Big Red car play "Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car" as it navigates its way through your home, around furniture, walls and other objects. The Bump N' Go Big Red Car is a battery operated toy vehicle and is operated by a single on/off switch that's located on its base. The Wiggles characters (Emma is at the wheel, Anthony is seated by her side, with Simon & Lachlan are both located at the rear) are non-removable.

The Wiggles - Emma Ballerina

In Stock: Yes Age: 3 Years+

Emma doll includes Emma's Wiggle outfit - in classic yellow - and a Ballerina outfit that you can interchange! Emma is wearing black shoes, a black and yellow bow in her hair and features long, red hair and bright blue eyes!

The Wiggles - Emma's Jewellery Box

In Stock: Yes Age: 3 Years+

Emma's Jewellery Box features a spinning Emma Wiggle and plays 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"! It's a great place to keep your jewellery and your bows too! You can even put your name on the jewellery to let everyone know it's yours. And there are no batteries required. Simply wind the key on the bottom of the jewellery box, open the lid and watch Emma, the ballerina, pin around and around!

The Wiggles - Emma's Microphone

In Stock: Yes Age: 3 Years+

Sing and dance to a range of Emma songs with the The Wiggles® Emma's Microphone! Choose from as many as 5 Emma's favourite songs! It's simply Bowtastically Bowtiful too!

The Wiggles - Musical Keyboard

In Stock: Yes Age: 3 Years+

The Wiggles Musical Keyboard includes three Wiggles hit songs and features 12 piano keys and light up musical notes. Strap on the waist strap and play your favourite tunes on the go!

The Wiggles - Play Along Guitar

In Stock: Yes Age: 3 Years+

Press the coloured buttons of the Wiggles Play Along Guitar to hear the Wiggles' hit songs or 'strum' the guitar to 'Rock-a-Bye Your Bear! Or just hear fun sounds at the press of a button!

The Wiggles - Wiggles 3-Inch Figures - 4 Pack

In Stock: Yes Age: 3 Years+

Hey, someone shrunk the Wiggles! This pack of Wiggles includes Anthony, Simon, Lachy and Emma characters that fit in your hands for fun on the go!

The Wiggles Musical Guitar

In Stock: Yes Age: 3 Years+

Play Wiggles songs with The Wiggles Musical Guitar! Built-in songs include "Do the Propeller", "Rock-a-Bye Your Bear", "Deep! Beep! Buckle Up", "The Shimmie Shake", and "Hot Potato". Guitar also features a drum pad, strum, a Whammy bar and a 3 mode switch; Wiggles songs, electric guitar and acoustic guitar modes.

Dorothy Dinosaur - 5 Piece Peg Puzzle - Dorothy's Blooms

In Stock: No Age: 18 Months+

It's spring time and Dorothy the Dinosaur is having so much fun smelling sweet flowers and glorious blooms! This beautiful wooden puzzle consists of 5 peg pieces featuring Dorothy among the blooms. Can you piece together her fun day? Puzzle size: 29.5cm X 21cm

The Wiggles - Pairs Card Game

In Stock: No Age: 3 Years+

Join Anthony, Murray, Jeff & Greg in this fun game of matches! Your goal is to have the most pairs by the end of the game. Included are cards and instructions on back of box.

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