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  • 5 Best Kids Toys to Prevent Boredom During Lockdown

    BY Online Toys Australia POSTED ON 20/08/2020

    5 Best Kids Toys to Prevent Boredom During Lockdown

    BY Online Toys Australia POSTED ON 20/08/2020

    Stuck at home? Stay sane and keep your kids entertained with fascinating top-selling kids toys you can buy online now. Delivered straight to your door via no-contact delivery, these toys and activities can do everything from educate your kids, to add moments of fun for the whole family. If your kids are into the latest trends, get the coolest, newest toys by following our top picks below:

    1. Best Educational Toys for Lockdown - Leap Start & Leap Frog Learning Systems

    School has been very disrupted this year, leaving your child's developing brain desperate for engagement. Thanks to clever brands like Leap Frog, there are interactive books to help your kids learn important skills from maths to creative thinking. All you need is a Leap Start learning system, and the newest Leap Frog books to keep your child occupied and challenged.

    Our top picks? Trolls Solve It All with Poppy & Branch Activity Book to learn problem-solving. Our second pick is Pet Pal Puppies Math with Social Emotional Skills Activity Book to learn junior math skills in a fun way.

    1. Best board games for lockdown - Monopoly games have been transformed

    Monopoly has expanded far past the classic real-estate game you know, and it's more fun than ever. From Monopoly Junior to Monopoly Friends game, Star Wars and Fortnite, the characters and themes will keep you and your kids occupied for hours; hopefully forgetting for a while that you're in lockdown or isolation.

    Can't get enough Monopoly? Try one of the new card games like Monopoly Deal or Shuffle, Junior Monopoly Game. These mini versions are perfect for a quick game when you don't have as much time.

    1. The Best Arts & Crafts Toys for Lockdown - Avenir & National Geographic toys

    Keeping little hands busy during lockdown stops boredom, keeping you free to do other things like chores and work. Assembling toys and interactive craft projects are the most popular arts and crafts projects for kids, and these two toy brands cater to both these options.

    Avenir toys make pop art sets using paint and stencils; perfect for older kids looking for a craft project.

    National Geographic Da Vinci's inventions have toys you can assemble to create ancient structures like catapults and ballistas.

    Arts & crafts can take up a lot of room in your home, but during lockdown it may be worth setting up a craft corner to save your kids from boredom. As you know, once they're bored, your kids can turn into a nightmare, so a craft corner filled with Avenir or National Geographic toys is a fantastic, affordable solution.

    1. Best construction-themed toys for lockdown - Bruder toys

    Are trucks, diggers and tractors your kid's favourite toys? Bruder is the leading construction toy maker and your kids will love to create a world of machines with these models. You can also weave some learning alongside Bruder toy play too, teaching your kids about industry with forestry worker toys and garbage truck toys. By weaving in education about industry and integrating the Bruder toys with their school work, you maximise your investment in these toys, transforming figurines into educational toys.

    1. Best building toys - Toy Story Themed Lego

    Lego has teamed up with Toy Story to create a magical world for the Toy Story 4 characters to enjoy. Best of all, each Toy Story Lego set contains characters from the movie in Lego form! These super cute figures can explore the world your kid can create with their Lego set, with everything from Buzz & Bo Peep's Playground Adventure by LEGO! to Toy Story 4 RV Vacation by LEGO!

    1. Best point & shoot games - Connect 4 Blast! Game from Hasbro

    Yes, we know... how come there's a 6th best boredom buster when we clearly said we have five!? Well, the Connect 4 Blast! Game just landed and we couldn't resist or hold back our excitement! It just had to be included as well! This awesome aim-and-shoot game from Hasbro is based on the classic Connect 4 game that you already know and love! But instead of dropping your coloured disks into a 4-row configuration, you shoot away disks that are in your way using foam darts!

    Lockdown and isolation are changing the way children spend their time, and online toy stores can save the day. With everything from learning tools to family-fun, there are toys and games to occupy your children for hours, and hopefully days. Online toy stores are a safe way to purchase toys as there's no contact, and they arrive within a few days of ordering. So add a bit of fun to your child's lockdown with the best online toys now.

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