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  • Learning The Art Of Photography: A Kid's Guide With VTech Kidizoom Camera

    BY Online toys Australia POSTED ON 11/09/2023

    Learning The Art Of Photography: A Kid's Guide With VTech Kidizoom Camera

    BY Online toys Australia POSTED ON 11/09/2023

    Remember the first time you saw the world through a camera's viewfinder? The thrill of capturing a fleeting moment, the joy of creating a memory, and the magic of storytelling through visuals. 

    Now, imagine gifting that experience to your child. 

    Introducing your little ones to the art of photography is more than just handing them a camera; it's opening a door to endless creativity, observation, and expression. 

    As they learn to frame their world, adjust angles, and play with light, they're not just taking pictures—they're developing a deeper appreciation for the beauty around them. 

    The Kidizoom Camera series by VTech is meticulously designed to spark this creative journey, serving as the perfect way to introduce your child to the wonderful world of photography.

    The camera series boasts impressive features that makes it a versatile and engaging tool for your child’s photography journey: durable construction, a selfie mode, zoom function, and so much more! 

    Imagine your child’s delight as they explore every feature, from taking stunning panoramic prints and comic strip maker photos to capturing outdoor adventures on their Action Cam HD

    Dive into this guide as we explore the delightful steps to kickstart your child's photographic journey, making every click a fun-filled learning experience.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Photography helps to boost your child’s creativity, expression, and observation
    • VTech Kidizoom cameras are durable, versatile, and user-friendly
    • They’re designed for kids aged 3–12 years

    The Magic of Photography Is Child’s Play

    boy recording with his Kidizoom camera while skating

    With the Kidizoom Camera series, VTech makes the magic of photography accessible for kids; letting their imaginations run wild as they explore different expressions and angles to take creative self-portraits and capture amazing outdoor adventures. 

    Capturing memories is an important part of growing up for several reasons:

    • Photos and videos are like time machines; they take us back to special moments, letting us feel all those good vibes again.
    • From your baby’s first steps to their first day at school, saving pictures will help you realize how much they've grown and all the cool stuff they've done.
    • Sharing old pics and videos during get-togethers are an excellent way to relive fun times and share laughs with friends and family.
    • Taking a photo helps you to live in the moment. It means stopping for a second to really look at and enjoy what's happening right now.
    • Looking at happy memories and proud moments can be an instant mood lifter whenever you’re going through a tough day.

    Not only do these cameras provide hours of entertainment to your little ones, they'll also help them grow along the way.

    Below are six simple steps to help you nurture their growth and creativity as they use the cameras:

    Step 1 - Start with the Basics: Get Outside

    It's time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, clouds, critters and fresh air.

    Kids absolutely love taking photos outside, and who can blame them? The great outdoors is like one big adventure waiting to be captured. Every tree, bug, and puddle becomes the star of their own personal story. 

    The vibrant colors, from blooming flowers to the vast blue sky, are a feast for their little eyes. And let's not forget the excitement of spotting a possum or a butterfly in action.

    But it's not just about fun. 

    Heading outside with a camera gets them some sneaky exercise and a good dose of fresh air.

    Plus, it's a fantastic way to boost their creativity. They start noticing the little details, like the patterns on a leaf or how shadows shift throughout the day. 

    And every great shot they take? That's a mini confidence boost right there. 

    So, if your kiddo's itching to play photographer in the backyard or the park, they'll be able to capture memories without the worry of rough handling as VTech cameras are designed for young hands and built to last. The KidiZoom Duo Camera, for instance, makes an excellent camera choice for outdoor photography adventures.

    Blue KidiZoom Duo Camera

    The camera’s sturdy construction can withstand drops and bumps during rough play, so you don't have to worry about damage.

    "I purchased this product for my 4 year old grandson. He’s absolutely thrilled with it. As he is quite rough with some things, it’s the perfect start for him as it is very robust."

    Cheryl Davis, Vtech - Kidizoom DUO 5.0 - Blue, Verified Buyer

    And with its 2.4" TFT color screen, your child can easily review and preview their outdoor shots, ensuring they capture every exciting moment.

    Step 2 - Experiment With Selfie Mode During the First Shot

    Ever noticed how kids are naturally drawn to taking selfies? It's not just a trend; there's actually a good reason behind it.

    Selfie mode is a fantastic starting point for your budding photographer, and here’s why:

    Selfie Mode Is Super User-Friendly

    With the camera facing them, kids can easily see themselves on the screen, meaning they get instant feedback on their shot

    They can play around with angles, expressions, and backgrounds until they get a picture they love. It's like having a mini photo booth right in their hands.

    It's made even easier with the flip-out lens of the Kidizoom Print Cam. By simply attaching the selfie stick/tripod, you can help your child take photos without having to stretch their arms or hold their camera at awkward angles.

    flip-out lens of the Kidizoom Print Cam

    The VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera also has two lenses that make taking selfies even more fun. With just a touch of a button, your child can switch between front and rear cams, allowing them to explore different expressions and angles as they take creative selfies.

    Check out all the cool features of this camera in the unboxing video below:

    Selfies Are Great Channels for Self Expression

    Selfies are all about self-expression. Your child gets to be both the photographer and the star of the show. 

    They can make funny faces, strike a pose, or even snap a pic with their favorite toy. It's a fun way for them to show off their personality and creativity.

    Step 3 - Explore Details with Zoom Function

    boy holding his blue Kidizoom Print Cam

    So, your kiddo has mastered the art of the selfie and is ready for their next photography challenge? 

    Enter the zoom mode.

    The Kidizoom camera comes with a nifty digital zoom feature that can magnify up to 4 times.

    This means your child can get up close and personal with their subject without taking a single step. 

    Plus, with a focus range that starts from 1.5 feet and goes on forever (well, technically it's called "infinity"), they can capture clear shots from a safe distance.

    Why is this zoom feature such a cool next step after selfies? 

    Well, it adds a whole new layer of creativity. Instead of just capturing what's right in front of them, they can now explore details, textures, and far-off things.

    It's a fun way to see the world from a different perspective.

    Here are three fun project ideas for your budding photographer to try outdoors:

    Bug's Life: Dive into the Miniature World of Insects

    Every garden, park, or even balcony is teeming with tiny critters that often go unnoticed. 

    But with the Vtech Kidizoom camera in hand, your child has the golden ticket to this miniature world.

    "My son is 3 and absolutely loves this camera! We've had so much fun, exploring our neighborhood and parks, and taking loads of pictures. It's been heartwarming to see his unique perspective..."

    Kali, KidiZoom Camera Pix, Verified Buyer

    Encourage them to embark on a "Bug's Life" adventure, where every insect becomes the star of their own photoshoot.

    Using the camera's zoom function, they can get up close without disturbing these little creatures. 

    Imagine the wonder when they see the intricate details of a butterfly's wings, each scale and color pattern captured in vivid detail through their zoom lens. 

    Or the excitement of discovering the maze-like patterns on a ladybug's back, each spot and line telling its own story.

    But it's not just about the visuals. 

    This project can also spark their curiosity about the behaviors and habitats of these insects:

    • Why does a bee visit certain flowers? 
    • How does an ant carry food that's bigger than its body? 
    • What do different butterfly species eat?

    As they snap pictures, they'll also be observing, learning, and developing a deeper appreciation for nature's tiny wonders.

    Nature's Patterns: Take a Deep Dive into Nature's Artistry

    Nature is an artist, and its canvas is all around us. Trees, with their intricate bark patterns and the unique silhouette of their branches against the sky, tell stories of growth and seasons.

    Leaves, whether they're fresh green sprouts of spring or the fiery reds and oranges of autumn, have veins and edges that are a marvel up close. 

    And then there are flowers—nature's color palette. From the delicate lines on a petal to the mesmerizing spiral of seeds in a sunflower, each bloom is a masterpiece.

    With the Kidizoom camera's zoom function, your child has a front-row seat to this art show.They can magnify these natural wonders up to 4x, bringing out details that might be missed by the naked eye. It's like having a magnifying glass and a camera all in one.

    Project Idea

    Why not encourage your young photographer to create a "Nature's Patterns" album?

    They can start with tree barks, capturing the various textures and shades and then move to leaves, focusing on the patterns of veins and the play of light and shadow.

    And for the grand finale, a collection of flower close-ups, showcasing the intricate designs and vibrant colors.

    Sky Stories: Witness A Day in the Life of the Heavens Above

    The sky is a mesmerizing tapestry that unfolds a new story every day, and it's a perfect subject for young photographers to explore. 

    With the Kidizoom camera's zoom function, your child can dive deep into these celestial tales:

    • Morning magic: The day often begins with the sky painted in soft pastels. Encourage your kiddo to wake up early and capture the delicate pinks, oranges, and purples of the sunrise. 

      They can zoom in on the horizon where the sun meets the earth, capturing that magical moment when the first ray breaks the night.
    • Afternoon adventures: As the day progresses, the sky transforms. Fluffy clouds drift lazily, casting shadows and creating patterns. 

      Your child can use the zoom to focus on unique cloud shapes, maybe even finding ones that look like animals or objects. It's a fun way to let their imagination run wild.

    Step 4 - Tell a Story with Video Recording

    Vtech - Kidizoom Action Cam HD

    Once your kiddo gets the hang of zooming in and out, capturing those detailed shots, diving into video mode is like opening a new chapter in their photography journey. 

    Instead of just capturing a single moment, they get to tell a whole story. Think of it as moving from taking snapshots to creating mini-movies. 

    VTech offers a wide range of Kidizoom cameras that are able to capture videos. 

    With their video recording feature, your child can try their hand at directing, acting, and even crafting their own stories. It's a fantastic way to stretch their creativity and narrative skills.

    A good example is the KidiZoom Studio. Explicitly designed for video creation, this high-definition video camera kit opens up a world of imaginative possibilities for your young filmmaker.

    kids taking a video on their Kidizoom camera

    With it, your little one can capture stunning videos in HD (that's 1280 X 720 resolution), ensuring that their adventures come to life in vivid detail.

    They can also use the included green screen and choose from 20+ animated backgrounds to transport them to interesting locations. They can explore outer space, get chased by a T-Rex, or even make themselves disappear, all within the confines of their creative space.

    And with the camera’s in-built user-friendly, on-screen editing tools, your child can add special effects, create trick shots, and even experiment with time-lapse video.Another great option is the KidiZoom Action Cam HD.

    Kidizoom Action Cam HD

    Whether on land or in water, this high-definition camera is your child’s go-to companion. It can record 720p HD video and snap high-quality photos, ensuring that their adventures are captured in stunning detail.

    "I purchased this for my 6 year old son who is obsessed with taking photos and making videos. He loves roaming around the house recording the whole family in our normal day to day life."

    Sushina Jones, KidiZoom Action Cam HD, Verified Buyer

    The camera offers a wide range of creative options too. Your young one can create stop-motion videos, experiment with time-lapse photos, and even play with fast and slow motion video.

    Add frames, apply effects, and let their imaginations run wild.

    And in case you’re torn between choosing the KidiZoom Studio and the KidiZoom Action Cam HD for your little upcoming videographer, their differences may help with your selection.

    The table below shows their major differences:

    Feature KidiZoom Studio KidiZoom Action Cam HD
    Primary Function Creating videos and producing content An action camera for outdoor adventures
    Camera Has both front and rear cameras Has a single camera and can capture action
    Video Quality High-definition video recording High-definition video recording (720p)
    Green Screen Technology Yes Not included
    Age Range 5–10 years 4–12 years
    Most Ideal For Creative content creation Outdoor action and video recording

    Step 5 - Add Voice to Visuals

    When we think of photography, we often focus solely on the visual aspect. But there's so much more to storytelling than just images. 

    Enter voiceovers. 

    By adding their own voice to visuals, kids can elevate their creations from simple snapshots or clips to rich, multi-layered stories. 

    The Kidizoom's voice recorder feature isn't just a fun add-on; it's a tool that can help your child express their thoughts, feelings, and creativity in a whole new way.

    Here’s why it's great for learning: 

    • Enhances storytelling: Think about your favorite movies or documentaries. The narration often provides context, emotion, and depth. By experimenting with voiceovers, kids can learn the art of narrative storytelling, adding layers of meaning to their visuals.
    • Boosts creativity: The voice recorder doesn't just have to be about narration. Your child can play around with funny sound effects, creating a comedic touch or even a spooky vibe to their videos. It's all about letting their voices run wild.
    • Adds a personal Touch: There's something special about hearing a familiar voice in a video. By adding their own commentary or thoughts, kids can make their creations truly personal, sharing their unique perspective with the world.

    Three Fun Narrative Ideas to Try

    1. Alien's first day on earth: Encourage your child to imagine they're an alien visiting Earth for the first time. They can film everyday objects and scenes, narrating from the perspective of an extraterrestrial. 

      A simple tree might be a "giant green creature with wooden limbs," or a car could be a "mysterious moving metal box with glowing eyes." 

      This narrative can help them see the world in a fresh, imaginative way.
    1. Time traveler's journal: Have them pretend they've just traveled from the distant past or future. They can document modern-day activities and technology, expressing wonder or confusion about things we take for granted. 

      For instance, narrating about the "strange device" everyone seems to be looking at (a smartphone) or the "odd, flat moving pictures on walls" (TVs).
    1. Secret life of toys: Inspired by movies like "Toy Story," kids can create a narrative imagining their toys come to life when no one's watching. They can set up scenes with their toys and narrate the adventures, mysteries, or dramas unfolding.

      Maybe the teddy bear is a secret superhero, or the toy cars have thrilling races at midnight.

    These narratives not only allow kids to play around with voice overs but also challenge them to think outside the box, fostering creativity and imaginative thinking.

    Step 6 - Play with Colors and Effects by Mastering Photo Editing

    different photo effects from the Kidizoom Print Cam

    Photography isn't just about clicking the shutter button; it's also about what happens after the shot is taken. 

    And here’s where photo editing comes in. 

    Think of it as the icing on the cake, where your child gets to add their unique touch to the pictures they've captured.

    Editing allows them to enhance their photos, making them pop and stand out. It's a space where they can let their imagination run wild, experimenting with different looks until they find one that feels just right. 

    And the best part? They don't need any fancy software on a computer. The camera they have is equipped with all the tools they need.

    The specs of the VTech Kidizoom cameras are designed with kids in mind. They can edit photos directly on the camera, which means instant gratification and hands-on learning

    Whether they're playing with sepia tones for a vintage look, going classic with black and white, or jazzing things up with vibrant colors, they're learning to evoke different moods and tell stories through their images. 

    It's all about encouraging your child’s artistic expression and letting them see the world in a myriad of shades and tones.

    Your Budding Photographer

    The VTech Kidizoom Camera series is a great way to introduce kids to photography. 

    With features like selfie mode, video recording, and photo editing, your little ones can learn motor skills, explore their creativity, and gain knowledge about the art of photography. 

    And with over 4 million cameras sold worldwide since its launch in 2014, it's clear that parents are recognizing the value of this fun and educational tool. 

    So why not join them? Get your kids started on their photographic adventures today.

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