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Smart Ass Board Game

Smart Ass Board Game
Smart Ass Board Game Smart Ass Board Game -  Board and Contents

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"Smart Ass" The ultimate fun trivia game for 2 to 12 players where everybody plays with every turn. The game doesn't labour on for hours, and even if you're a "Dumb Ass"... you can win!

With other trivia board games, how many times have you been bursting to yell out the answer to a question when it is not your turn? With "Smart Ass", that's the way you play and that's the way you win.

The questions have clues. The clues get easier as the question is being read out, but don't wait too long, because the first person to yell out the right answer wins the round and takes one step closer to being the "Smart Ass".

• Playing board • 500 Question cards (100 What am I? 100 Where am I? 100 Who am I? 200 Hard Ass) • 12 "Smart Ass" playing pieces • 2 X 12 sided dice • 5 question boxes

• Awarded "Game of the Year 2007" by the Australian Game Association!
• A game for 2 to 12 players.


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Smart Ass® is the ultimate fun trivia game that even a "Dumb Ass" can win! Listen to the question, then answer it even if it's not your turn! With "Smart Ass", that's the way you play and that's the way you win!