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Test Match
(22 customer reviews)

Test Match


In stock

Test Match, from Crown & Andrews, is the ultimate table-top cricket experience! This renowned and popular game can be found in homes around Australia and provides hours of enjoyment for families across the nation.

In stock

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Test Match, from Crown & Andrews, is the ultimate table-top cricket experience! This renowned and popular game can be found in homes around Australia and provides hours of enjoyment for families across the nation. Test Match now comes with rules for both the limited over game and the new Twenty20™ version.

The latest Test Match incorporates some very exciting new features. The overarm bowling can be fast or slow. A heavier ball is now standard to enable easier and more accurate batting. The batsman works with a trigger action for faster response and the fielders can "catch" the ball between their feet. It's easy, fun and great entertainment for all the family, proving hours of excitement for two to twenty tow children or adults.

• Trigger Action Batsman
• Spring Loaded Bowler
• Wicket Keeper with Wicket
• 4 Standing Fielders
• 5 Crouching Fielders
• 1 Cricket Pitch
• 2 Heavy Balls
• Boundary Rope
• 8 Boundary Rope Holders
• Set of Score Sheets
• 1 Rules

• A game for 2 to 22 players.
For ages 6 years+


5 stars 10
4 stars 3
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22 comments on “Test Match”

  1. Agree... So many differences between my nostalgic aka original Test Match board game & the new version I recently purchased for my 7 yr old boy. To me, old school is best. In saying that, we have already broken the trigger action batsman & need to find a replacement. Can anyone suggest where I can get one without buying a whole new game?

  2. Our 9yr old son brought game for himself today only to be totally disappointed. On opening box batsman's head was broken off & rope holders missing. Played a few shots as shops closed (and son was in tears) and then the bowler to break off at feet. Very disheartening. As a young girl we had this game at home and played for many many hours (having 5 brother didn't have a choice) but quality of this these days and changes made I don't think have been thought over very well 🙁

  3. Absolute rubbish. What a disappointing example of why marketers and advertising boffins should never be allowed to alter anything that was once good. The original game was awesome. This new version is a disgrace. DO NOT BUY.

  4. The quality of this game is now just rubbish. After half a day of play the spring loaded bowler is broken, and the mat is impossible to get flat. Where on earth can I get a new bowler??

  5. So many fond childhood memories destroyed by this modern day travesty. The bowler here is useless and seems to be designed to break . The old ramp style bowler made the game so much better. The field ripped and is impossible to keep flat. So disappointed

  6. I bought test match back in the 80's for my children. Now I am buying it for my Grandchildren. My son's loved playing the game so much, they wanted it for their son's and also so they could play it as well.

  7. People love to hate. The latest version of test match (2013) is absolutely awesome. Takes the game we all grew up playing and makes it better. The keeper is no longer connected to the batsmen, the bowler can now vary his pace and the pitch lays flat! When you buy the game read the back of the box, it should have a timeline of the release versions. Buy the 2013 one

  8. Fantastic super fast delivery. Package arrived in perfect condition and I was kept informed where package was delivery wise. Thank you for great service.

  9. Yes, agree with the other comments. They have absolutely and comprehensively ruined a game which I enjoyed immensely as a boy, but which is a disaster for today's poor children. Shame on the modern day manufacturers.

  10. Online toys website was very easy to use and they were very prompt with the order. There was a minor problem with one of the products but staff of Onlinetoys could not have been more helpful. I will happily use them again.

  11. 'Test Match' was a huge hit with my 7yo grandson and he and his family enjoyed it immensely, even recording it on Face Book. I am also very grateful that you delivered it in time for Xmas as I had ordered it very late. Thank you for your great service

  12. I agree with all above - some good and some bad changes compared to the orginal, however all minimal; my kids love it and know no other, so that is OK with me; recommended for kids over 5/6

  13. My initial response was similar to some of the criticism above, particularly regarding the bowler. However with a bit of practice the improvements to this new version add a whole new deminsion to the game. Try bowling a little slower by not pulling the bowlers arm right back and adjust the length as well to control the bounce. The batsman, I feel, has more power than past versions. I've found it possible to hit the ball as around the ground and even the occassional 6.
    Awesome fun!!

  14. Yes, I too had the original test match as a child and they have completely ruined this version - The bowler with the shute is gone and replace by a catapult that rarely ever gets the ball near the bat. And the Batsman is no longer string drawn but is trigger operated and just has no power. The ball now has an off centre so it doesn't roll straight and the felt is almost impossible to iron flat. Amazingly disappointed

  15. As usual, 'improvements' have been made but not tested by anyone who actually cares. ie marketers/bean counters/ carpet strollers. the ball bounces far too much, no runs can be scored in front of the wicket. joke. do not buy.

  16. I was given this game for a christmas present and was very keen to play it, like I did many years ago. Unfortunately we cannot figure out how to work the bowler. The direction is impossible to work out and the ball bounces over the height of the batsman when you do get it straight.

  17. I played this game 30 years ago when it had a string and slide for ball to roll down - spent many many hours re-playing games and scoring - just like the real thing.
    I am very keen to see how this new version operates. I am buying for my son, but am sure I'll get a go too. I am hoping it will be as exciting to play as it was 30 years ago.
    Will let you know.........

  18. It seems like a good game but whenever we bowl the ball it bounces 3 or 4 times, is this meant to happen or is there something im doing wrong?

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