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Zero Blaster - Blue

Zero Blaster - Blue
Zero Blaster - Blue Zero Blaster - Available in Red, Blue and Silver Colours

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The Zero Blaster shoots perfectly formed 3-10cm diameter vapour rings to vaporise your enemy! Take aim and fire rings of smoke up to 3-4 meters away! No two rings are ever the same! It's the most peaceful ray-gun in the universe. Blast away at any target, shoot rings through rings, bounce one ring off another ring or simply have fun shooting at someone else's rings! All you do is add a small amount of Zero Fog Ring fluid to the base of the Zero Blaster, squeeze the trigger for the smoke to enter the firing chamber and you're ready to blast away non-toxic water-base vapour at any target within range.

Includes 1 X Zero Blaster and enough Super Zero Fluid for up to 25,000 fog rings. Requires 6 X "AA" batteries (not included). For ages 10 to 100.

Available in Translucent Red, Translucent Blue and Opaque Silver (each sold separately).

Zero Blaster in Action


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