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Boy oh boy, do we have a toy for your little one! Our boys toys will let kids view the stars, roll the dice, build a car, become a magician, and amaze friends and family with toys they’ll absolutely love!

We have a massive selection of boys toys that help kids learn while having fun with magnets, wood, music, electronics, science, physics, the environment and much, much more. This range includes everything from action figures, board games and model kits to dress-ups, musical instruments, and remote-control cars. And of course, our selection of boys toys are just as much fun for girls too so everyone is welcome!

All our toys are competitively priced (only $7.95 for delivery per order to all destinations across the country) and come with our famous quick delivery. You also have the option of picking up your purchase from our Derrimut warehouse after purchasing online.

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Air Hogs - Vectron Wave

Was: AU$44.99 SAVE 33%
In Stock: Yes Age: 8 Years+

The ultimate in sensory technology! No need for a remote control with this flyer - the Vectron Wave uses altitude-sensing technology and effortlessly glides over almost anything. Control it with a wave of your hand and watch in amazement as it magically hovers above it! Or grab a friend and play the ultimate game of catch! Endless hours of fun await with the awesome Vectron Wave!

Barrel O Slime

Was: AU$1.50 SAVE 34%
In Stock: Yes Age: 5 Years+

Available in four glorious colours, the Barrel-O-Slime is an oozy, slimy liquid that feels gross and really cool at the same time. This non-toxic goo is also great as a stocking filler or as a party favour. Available in red, green, pink and blue.

Bolz Humming Spinning Top - 23cm

Was: AU$34.99 SAVE 9%
In Stock: No Age: 12 Months+

Large multi-coloured musical top. German classic all-metal, push-rod spinning top features a painted wooden handle and a colourful diamond pattern surface that produces colourful stripes when spinning. Spinning top hums at a varying pitch relative to the speed at which the top spins. A classic toy that will last and last.

Bruder - MAN TGA Construction Truck with Articulated Road Loader

Was: AU$99.99 SAVE 20%
In Stock: Yes Age: 3 Years+

This set includes both the MAN construction truck and a wheeled tractor so that the fun can begin straight away. The sides of the construction truck can be folded down on three sides to unload the transported goods in all three directions. The trough can also be tipped and latched. The articulated road loader FR 130 has a moving front axle and a fully functional bucket arm that can be locked into position. To extend the playing options, the MAN TGA Construction truck can be equipped with the Light and Sound Module by simply plugging in the module (not included, sold separately).

Bruder Roadmax - Skid Steer Loader

Was: AU$37.99 SAVE 16%
In Stock: Yes Age: 2 Years+

The ROADMAX series is designed and has functions for small children. The small steer loader is likeable from the start. The small compact loader is likeable from the start. It is a great team member and can load ROADMAX trucks and trailers. As for all ROADMAX ve-hicles, the cab can be opened and the bucket arm's height can be adjusted very simply. Powerful primary colours and a round, pleasant-to-hold shape and unmatched quality is sure to please small children and parents alike.

Chuggington - Irving's Rubbish Cars

Was: AU$12.95 SAVE 31%
In Stock: Yes Age: 3 year+

Irving's Rubbish Cars Diecast vehicles.

Chuggington - Olwin

Was: AU$10.95 SAVE 18%
In Stock: Yes Age: 3 year+

Olwin Die-cast vehicle. Suitable with all Chuggington Die-cast Sets.

Click Clacks - Klakkers

Was: AU$1.49 SAVE 34%
In Stock: Yes Age: 3 Years+

Get Klakking with Click Clacks! Spin them around and watch kinetic energy take over! These simple and very addictive toys measure 6.5" (16.5cm) and are suitable for children 3 years and over.

Crayola - Glow Board

Was: AU$29.99 SAVE 33%
In Stock: Yes Age: 6 years+

Introducing the Crayola Glow Board where the surface lights make the marker inks glow! Two see-through drawing surfaces (layers) let kids create exciting 3-D effects or surprise animations by showing only one light at a time.

Crayola - Marker Airbrush

Was: AU$29.99 SAVE 18%
In Stock: Yes Age: 6 Years+

With the Crayola Marker Airbrush you can use classic Crayola markers to create airbrush art like a pro! Create your own artful projects or use the included stencils to make signs, designs and much more! Try it with Crayola Bright Fabric Markers for Amazing T-Shirts or use Crayola Window Markers for festive decorations on glass!

Crayola Neon Colour Explosion - Toy Story

Was: AU$13.99 SAVE 21%
In Stock: Yes Age: 5 Years+

Get ready for an explosion of the neon variety! Crayola® Neon Explosion Disney Toy Story lets kids create vivid, neon images on brightly coloured paper. Each page features unique, licensed images and content for an exceptional play experience.

Credz Collectable Coins - 2 Coin Foil Bag

Was: AU$3.29 SAVE 40%
In Stock: Yes Age: 5 - 12 Years

Credz™ are the ultra cool new collectible coins that kids can collect, trade, play and trick. These exclusive coins are made from real metal and feature fun themes such as Dragons, Sports, Dinosaurs and many more. There are over 60 coins to collect in Series 1, including the ultra rare treasure coin - only 1000 made!

Dinosaur Train - Extreme InterAction Old Spinosaurus

Was: AU$64.99 SAVE 31%
In Stock: No Age: 3 Years+

Old Spinosaurus InterAction Figure is based on the iconic character from Jim Henson's Dinosaur Train television series. SmartTalk technology gives Old Spinosaurus the ability to recognise and interact with other dinosaurs in the line and have roaring contests with YOU. Press his back to hear sounds and phrases. Feed Old Spinosaurus with the included fish to see and hear Old Spinosaurus eat. Wave food in front of Old Spinosaurus and watch his head move side to side. Press his tail for chomping action. Press the button on the side of Old Spinosaurus's tail for Dino poop! It's truly an extreme interactive dinosaur experience.

Dinosaur Train - Motorised Train Set - Time Tunnel Mountain

Was: AU$89.99 SAVE 22%
In Stock: No Age: 3 Years+

Time Tunnel Approaching! The Dinosaur Train is on its way to a new adventure and the first stop is Pteranodon station! Join Mr. Conductor, Buddy and friends as they board the Dinosaur Train. Climb up the mountain and travel through the time tunnel to a new time period! All Aboard to new adventures!

EuroTrike - Tow Trike

Was: AU$119.99 SAVE 17%
In Stock: No Age: 3 Years+

Get to work as a Tow Trike owner with the Eurotrike Tow Trike, the only trike that features a working towing mast with controls for lifting, lowering and locking a tow hook in position. It's perfect for dragging things along the ground or towing broken down 'vehicles' back to the 'repair shop. Tow hard, work hard with the Eurotrike Tow Trike! New for 2014 and 'loads' of fun for any 3 year old and over.

Geoworld - Excavation Kit - Homo Neanderthalensis Skeleton

Was: AU$24.99 SAVE 28%
In Stock: No Age: 6 years+

The Neanderthals were the earliest ancestors of modern man and now you can unearth a skeletal replica with this Georworld excavation kit!. Unearth the skeleton with the tools of the paleontologist - hammer and chisel - and then assemble all the skeletal pieces that make up Neanderthalensis skeleton. Skeleton measures 21cm in height when assembled and includes information about Homo Neanderthalensis on the back of pack.

Giggle and Hoot - Pairs Card Game

Was: AU$7.99 SAVE 25%
In Stock: Yes Age: 3 Years+

Classic 'Pairs' card game featuring all of your favourite Giggle and Hoot characters. Players take turns flipping two cards each in search of an identical pair. Players place paired cards in front of them. The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins! Ideal for Two or more players. Pack includes 36 cards and instructions.

Giggle and Hoot - Snap Card Game

Was: AU$7.99 SAVE 25%
In Stock: Yes Age: 3 Years+

Classic 'Snap' card game featuring all of your favourite Giggle and Hoot characters. Two or more players. Included are 36 cards and instructions on back of box.

Hinkler Books - Mega Sounds Noisy Animals

Was: AU$19.99 SAVE 25%
In Stock: Yes Age: 3 Years+

Join in the fun on the farm with this mega sounds book and meet Farmer Jim and the animals as they race round the pond, take part in wacky field events and finish with a ball game. With 18 awesome sounds, children will love to read along and press the buttons.

Loopin' Louie

Was: AU$34.99 SAVE 20%
In Stock: Yes Age: 4 Years+

Can you keep your chickens safe from Louie and his crazy loop-the-looping airoplane? It's swooping, looping, chicken-chasing fun!

Melissa and Doug - Self-Correcting Alphabet Letter Puzzles

Was: AU$29.99 SAVE 17%
In Stock: No Age: 4 Years+

Match these wooden puzzle pairs to make mastering letters and their sounds as easy as A, B, C. The puzzles are self-correcting - each piece has only one match that fits - so children can play independently and learn at the same time.

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