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Boy oh boy, do we have a toy for your little one! Our boys toys will let kids view the stars, roll the dice, build a car, become a magician, and amaze friends and family with toys they’ll absolutely love!

We have a massive selection of boys toys that help kids learn while having fun with magnets, wood, music, electronics, science, physics, the environment and much, much more. This range includes everything from action figures, board games and model kits to dress-ups, musical instruments, and remote-control cars. And of course, our selection of boys toys are just as much fun for girls too so everyone is welcome!

All our toys are competitively priced (only $7.95 for delivery per order to all destinations across the country) and come with our famous quick delivery. You also have the option of picking up your purchase from our Derrimut warehouse after purchasing online.

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4M - 3D Art Creative Spiral Fun

Was: AU$19.99 SAVE 35%
In Stock: No Age: 5 Years+

See your spiral art like never before! 3D Art from 4M Industries allows you to create fascinating patterns that pop up at you when viewed through 3D glasses! Let your imagination spiral out of control in 3D with 3D Art - Creative Spiral Fun from 4M!

4M - Paint Your Own Mini Plates Design

Was: AU$12.99 SAVE 38%
In Stock: Yes Age: 5 Years+

Let your imagination run wild. Transform these three mini plates into masterpieces! They will be delightful as home decor, and great gifts for your friends and family!

Battleship Game

Was: AU$37.99 SAVE 21%
In Stock: Yes Age: 7 Years+

Set up your fleet and get your radar ready, the naval battle is about to start. All hands to action stations! Plan your strategy with cunning and flair, and with a bit of good luck, your fleet will avoid direct hits. Carefully plot your co-ordinates, aim and fire! It's a hit! Which of your opponent's ships is it? Just a Destroyer...? Or could it be the Carrier? Follow up with shrewd shots and skilful strategy to find out. If you can sink all the ships in your opponent's fleet before he sinks yours, you win the game! A game for 2 players.

Big Hero 6 - Armor-Up Baymax

Was: AU$39.99 SAVE 25%
In Stock: Yes Age: 4 Years+

Transform Baymax from his 6" white nursebot form to an 8", crime fighting super hero with the Armor-Up Baymax. Twenty body armor pieces construct a powered-up Baymax, growing two inches in height while preparing for battle in his red armored suit.

Bolz Humming Spinning Top - 23cm

Was: AU$34.99 SAVE 9%
In Stock: No Age: 12 Months+

Large multi-coloured musical top. German classic all-metal, push-rod spinning top features a painted wooden handle and a colourful diamond pattern surface that produces colourful stripes when spinning. Spinning top hums at a varying pitch relative to the speed at which the top spins. A classic toy that will last and last.

Bop It XT - Black

Was: AU$39.99 SAVE 38%
In Stock: Yes Age: 8 Years+

Its time to get moving. Can you keep up? When you turn it on, this totally cool Bop It game calls out commands. It's up to you to "pull it", "bop it", "twist it" - or "flick it", "spin it", "shake it"! Can you keep up as the tempo revs?

Boxer the Kangaroo - 42cm

Was: AU$17.49 SAVE 17%
In Stock: No Age: 2 year+

Meet Boxer the Kangaroo. This 42cm Aussie icon is equipped with boxing gloves, fiery red shorts and a padded head guard. Boxer is very stereotypical of the Aussie spirit and ideal soft toy for the home or office. Boxer is cute, loveable and is sure to delight people of all ages.

Bruder Roadmax - Skid Steer Loader

Was: AU$37.99 SAVE 16%
In Stock: Yes Age: 2 Years+

The ROADMAX series is designed and has functions for small children. The small steer loader is likeable from the start. The small compact loader is likeable from the start. It is a great team member and can load ROADMAX trucks and trailers. As for all ROADMAX ve-hicles, the cab can be opened and the bucket arm's height can be adjusted very simply. Powerful primary colours and a round, pleasant-to-hold shape and unmatched quality is sure to please small children and parents alike.

Chuggington - Irving's Rubbish Cars

Was: AU$12.95 SAVE 31%
In Stock: Yes Age: 3 year+

Irving's Rubbish Cars Diecast vehicles.

Chuggington - Olwin

Was: AU$10.95 SAVE 18%
In Stock: Yes Age: 3 year+

Olwin Die-cast vehicle. Suitable with all Chuggington Die-cast Sets.

Crayola - My First - Baby & Me - Just Hatched Colouring Book

Was: AU$4.99 SAVE 20%
In Stock: Yes Age: 1 Years+

Learn about egg-laying animals with your little artist! Pages of baby chicks, snakes, turtles, and all your just-hatched pals are there for hours of colouring and sticker fun! Colouring & sticker book measures 24cm x 21cm.

Crayola - My First - Mess-Free Watercolour Creations

Was: AU$11.99 SAVE 33%
In Stock: No Age: 2 Years+

Crayola Mess-Free Watercolour Creations is the mess-free way to paint using only water! My First Crayola Watercolour Creations lets your little artist create watercolour art without the mess. It's easy and virtually worry-free because the water is in the brush and the paint is in the the art. Just brush over the lines on the page and the colour will magically appear!

Credz Collectable Coins - 2 Coin Foil Bag

Was: AU$3.29 SAVE 40%
In Stock: Yes Age: 5 - 12 Years

Credz™ are the ultra cool new collectible coins that kids can collect, trade, play and trick. These exclusive coins are made from real metal and feature fun themes such as Dragons, Sports, Dinosaurs and many more. There are over 60 coins to collect in Series 1, including the ultra rare treasure coin - only 1000 made!

E-Z Grip Ball - Original

Was: AU$11.99 SAVE 17%
In Stock: Yes Age: 3 Years+

The E-Z Grip™ Ball features a soft, but tough, outer web combined with a durable, inflatable inner ball and provides high-bounce performance (and great grip) for children of all ages. This unique looking waterproof ball measures approximately 16cm in diameter and are perfect for all types of play including the beach, pool, park and back yard. You can throw it, catch it, kick it just like other balls but the unique design of the E-Z Grip balls means that catching the ball is made so much easier - even for little hands! Compared to ordinary balls, you can even bounce the E-Z Grip ball super high too! Available in a variety of colors! Proud recipient of the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval!

Electronic Giggle Wiggle

Was: AU$29.99 SAVE 17%
In Stock: Yes Age: 5 Years+

It's the giggling, wiggling race to the top! Giggle Wiggle's got his dancing shoes on! Win the race to get your balls to the top before he shimmies and shakes them off (he really dances to the music). A game for 2 to 4 players.

EuroTrike - Tow Trike

Was: AU$119.99 SAVE 8%
In Stock: Yes Age: 3 Years+

Get to work as a Tow Trike owner with the Eurotrike Tow Trike, the only trike that features a working towing mast with controls for lifting, lowering and locking a tow hook in position. It's perfect for dragging things along the ground or towing broken down 'vehicles' back to the 'repair shop. Tow hard, work hard with the Eurotrike Tow Trike! New for 2014 and 'loads' of fun for any 3 year old and over.

Giggle and Hoot - Pairs Card Game

Was: AU$7.99 SAVE 25%
In Stock: Yes Age: 3 Years+

Classic 'Pairs' card game featuring all of your favourite Giggle and Hoot characters. Players take turns flipping two cards each in search of an identical pair. Players place paired cards in front of them. The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins! Ideal for Two or more players. Pack includes 36 cards and instructions.

Giggle and Hoot - Snap Card Game

Was: AU$7.99 SAVE 25%
In Stock: Yes Age: 3 Years+

Classic 'Snap' card game featuring all of your favourite Giggle and Hoot characters. Two or more players. Included are 36 cards and instructions on back of box.

Goliath - RC Flying Dragon

Was: AU$59.99 SAVE 17%
In Stock: Yes Age: 8 Years+

Fly this awesome remote control, wing flapping dragon by Goliath and see it soar through the air. Use the wireless remote control to activate the dragons wings, control throttle and direction. But be careful, this mystical creature sometimes has a mind of its own and will want to go his own way. Who's the boss? The flying dragon or you? Do you have the skill to tame the dragon and make him fly your way?

Hinkler Books - Mega Sounds Noisy Vehicles

Was: AU$19.99 SAVE 25%
In Stock: Yes Age: 3 Years+

Join Freddy Fire Truck and his friends at the Noisy Vehicle Show. Follow the noisy vehicles as they take part in the grand prix, water battle and plane race. Who will be crowned the noisiest vehicles of the show?

Hopper Ball - Spiderman

Was: AU$17.99 SAVE 28%
In Stock: No Age: 4 Years+

Boys can have the ultimate bouncing fun - and lots of exercise too - as they hop around on their Spiderman Hopper Ball. The Spiderman Hopper Ball has both a durable Grab'n Grip handle and tough heavy-gauge vinyl. The ball can be deflated for easy storage, contains no latex, and can be played indoors and out! Great for building co-ordination skills and is ideal for both girls and boys. Highly recommended (especially for Spiderman fans)!

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